As expected, our St. Patty’s Day Cruise to Avalon was spectacular. After a nail biting channel crossing with quarter mile visibility, we were greeted by our gracious hosts, John and Robin Marshall. They coordinated an awesome weekend of activities and adventure, starting off with a reception hosted by Kate and Patty at their luxurious hotel suite in Avalon with wine, snacks, and sunset. Afterwards, we set out for some night life and “Buffalo Milk” and St. Patty’s day was officially in the books.
The next day we fell into our dinghies, rowed to shore, and stumbled to the only miniature golf course on Catalina. Who knew “putt putt” could be so fun? If you get a chance, ask Tina all about it. LOL.
Saturday night was more of the same awesomeness, but instead of the vocal cord shredding karaoke singing we did Friday night, we danced to live music on the terrace and at night clubs.
Sunday we returned home in clear skies and a light breeze to our back. A truly memorable weekend.
-Cruise Director Brian King