I have read about Buddy Boating and the benefits of being with other boats while cruising such as security, shared knowledge, and companionship. On our cruise to Avalon, security was not an issue since there were no pirates (they’re usually sighted in October) and all the wine was secured below decks.
On the other hand, shared knowledge was very important. We took Kuuipo, a Sailtime boat, and discovered that the engine was not charging the batteries. That created a crisis because we did not have enough power for the inverter to make coffee. So much for the planning to have enough coffee cups on board with nothing to put in them.
Actually the worse problem was the power needed to operate the heads, no s—t. Then, we could not start the outboard motor in the dingy (double jeopardy).
Chris Tadlock came over as soon as he realized we had a problem. He analyzed the electrical system on Kuuipo, then jumped into the dingy to work on the outboard. Jerry Shilo also came over to offer assistance. Even though the problems could not be solved, our Buddies were more than willing to offer help, and even deliver coffee to us. Our club has some great Buddies.
-Vice Commodore Dean Russell